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Green Electric is an experienced solar company and highly motivated by a strong belief in solar as a viable and necessary renewable energy source. Our company has broad experience in the installation of solar panels, solar roofing tiles, shingles, and solar modules, connecting panels into the electrical grid of buildings, good ability to plan solar PV configuration based on installation sites, panel upgrading, knowledge with AC/DC electrical systems and rewiring and car charger installation. Last but not least, we are able to install Tesla batteries for backing up the power when it`s needed.

Panel Service
Recessed Lights
Solar Panel

Rewiring entire home, new construction, retrofitting old wiring.

Consist of changing/upgrading old panels, upgrading to 200 amp or 400 amp panel to accommodates solar system

Installing 4 and 6 inch recessed light new construction and remodeling and also converting the old recessed lights to LED.

Consist of mounting roof brackets to accommodate new solar panel installation

Car Charger

Installing 15 amp to 100 amp electric car chargers using high grade wiring to accommodate up to 100 amp chargers.

I met Garen Ausaturian in 2013 at the time I was looking to do solar in my roof. Garen came out assessed the project, gave me an exceptional price. He installed a 7 kW system on my roof. Within the year I decided to expand my system to 14 kW. Once again Garen came through with an exceptional deal. Garen`s number one attribute is his dedication to perfection. His work performance is second to none. When I have an electrical project whether a small light fixture or large solar project I only trust Garen to do the work. Not only he is my personal electrition I consider him a very good friend of mine. Garen has done several projects for me if u like personal references please email me at
Thank you Garen for the new wiring and electric services you installed for my house. I greatly appreciated you and your team for such professionalism works, dedication and precision.  ​I look forward to working with you in future. 

I was extremely pleased with my service with Garen and Green Electric.​ From the beginning of the process with the sales representative, he was very knowledgeable during the discussion and diligent with his follow up. The installation went smoothly and was completed in a timely manner and has exceeding our expectations for solar production. I would highly recommend Green Electric to anyone looking for solar`s. His prices was more than fair and he used better quality solar panels compared to others.

we are only a phone call away

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License No: 1054527
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